16 inch wheels

I run Audi 16x7(part no,on monday),et 45,Yokohama Geolander 215/65/16.Rolling diameter 686mm.No spacers,no centre cap on rear.Great on road,I run 40 psi all round.Great steering and braking.No excessive road noise either,just like previous roadies.Have had them in the sand too,with 40 psi.No complaints there.No clearance issues either,on sand dunes,or in the red dirt out the back of my place at Menai.When I drop the pressure at Christmas,it can only get better.
I looked at BFs,but was worried about clearance as 215/70/16 had a rolling diameter of 705mm, I believe that I would of loss too much speed with the 2.1 wbx,as it was a loss of 4.58% from the roadies I previously had.(225/60/16,rolling diameter 676mm).
All in all I am very happy about the Yokys,I am very keen to get two steel 16x7 rims so I can do a 6 tyre rotation,before my tyres wear too much.