2.4 Vw T3 motor / expressions of interest

hi all.
I have a 2.4 vw boxer in my 1991 syncro with approx 20000 km since being built.
Im possibly considering another engine conversion diesel say within 6 months so im just trying to see if there is interest out there to snap up this motor,
I will be sad to see it go as I put my heart in it.
It cost me 10K. (clutch to muffler and air cleaner full engine) runs on factory 2.1 efi.
Would be simply removed from my car and ready to plug into yours.

115hp 165 ftlb trque
82mm x 96.5mm
new amc heads
go westy studs
1.9 std line bore case
411 center main
h beam rods
go westy cam
ks bearings
bluprinted and ballanced
stainless steel muffler and brackets
new coolant hoses
various go westy goods n bts n pieces

Serious offers only
Please make me personal offers to my contact details bellow.