A reply to the last 2 weeks posts.

Well, nearly 2 weeks off line and hasn't the volume of posts been
And so many people I have been communicating with on and off for a
few years, all exchanging info and thoughts on one site. What a

Phil - I have never got around to contacting you since my return to
Aus - nice to hear from you.

Clive - your learning curve on the Syncros has been very steep. From
nought to near sage in only a couple of years!!! Yes I still
ocasionally look at the 80-90 website and I also swap the odd e-mail
with Isle of Mann Si who I think is now "Sunburnt in France" Si if I
am correct.

On the decoupler front, of all the add-ons I have bought for my
Syncro, this has been by a mile the best one. Mine was one of the
first batch from Tom in the USA and has now done nearly 30 000 miles
with no problems at all.

Les was asking for info etc. on people's vans, so for the record:

mine is a 1990 Caravelle GL we bought in the UK in 2001 and shipped
home in Nov. 2003. It has now done 160 000 miles and suffers from the
usual green stains between the heads and barells, so is ripe for an
EJ25 before too long. We live in Ceduna South Aus. so many of you may
well pass through this way on travels to or from somewhere - please
feel free to drop in.

A get together for us somewhere sometime would be great but if we can
actually organise enough of us to get holidays etc. at the same time
I will be pleasantly surprised. We should certainly try though!

This list should indeed be a great resourse for us and long may it