Collection of New and used Syncro Parts for Sale

Hi Jens,
Please email me details of parts, condition and pricing. Thankyou.
I am located near Gosford, just north  of Sydney.
Ken Garratt

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Date:06/09/2015 10:42 PM (GMT+10:00)
Subject: [Syncro_T3_Australia] An collection of New and used Syncro Parts for Sale


Hi everybody,

I have a bunch of gearbox, drivetrain engine etc parts for sale, spare parts and specials parts more then I could mention.

A detailed list will follow.

Please send me a PM for more details. 

Parts located just outside of Sydney west.

Also I have to sell my Syncro and will be posting it here first in the next few weeks ones I have some time to get a bunch of pictures taken.