Cooling system

Hi all,

Thought I should add some details after a lot of work to the Syncro, a holiday and the dreaded flu slowly making it's way through the family!

While going through the cooling system, I have also replaced a number of the hose clamps in the fuel system all replaced last year. Not all of the ones I had were ideal, but are much better now.

See one picture of the fuel lines on the pressure regulator, the clamps on there are what came with the Van-café kit. The loose one is what I have put on. They are a much nicer kit, brand is Norma. I looked at the crimp on style like original, but figured these will be easier to do work on the bus down the track if required. There is a picture of the two clamps side by side, you can see the blue one from the kit does not pull in a round shape as it tightens, which means you need to over tighten them to seal well.

I also replaced the hose clamps on the larger vent lines in the fuel system with the Norma spring style hose clamps, again a much nicer fit than the ones fitted last year.

The cooling system is almost all new now, a few parts had been replaced of the the last couple of years (radiator, water pump, thermostat, rear heater core), so left these in, but pretty much everything else is now now, all the hoses and all SS pipes. Not that the pictures are the best, but the water jackets all look clean inside.

I did not replace the pipe behind the pulley. I have the SS one, but didn't want to remove the pulley, if I need to do the water pump one day, I will look to replace that pipe then. It also was in good condition, none of the original pipes had corrosion on the ends, so the system is very clean and well maintained.

Also have not replaced the thermostat housing, but will get a new one as a spare.

Couple of shots of the cooling system minus the engine/radiator/heater cores! That's a lot of pieces in a cooling system!!!

Also some pictures of it all going back in, including the long SS pipes. Pretty much all the joints have factory style spring clamps, and in a few places where there was room I have put a second (sprung style) screw clamps just loose as a just in case. The only place I could not fit the factory style was the oil heater/cooler. Even with the correct pliers, was not way I could fit them, so have used screw clamps there. And unfortunately the screw clamps are not available in the spring style this small, so they are standard hose clamps.

Over all the job went well, been happy with it since and should be good for plenty of years to come!!