Cost of syncro TRAKKA

Thanks, Phill.  This saves me digging out my archives from 1988, when I priced a Syncro TRAKKA.  The minimum spec of the vehicle that I wanted came to over $53,000.  I just couldn't afford it at the time.
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> Andrew
> They were three times that price or more i thought. Does anyone
> know what a new tracker gold pack was worth new.

Price list June 1990

Syncro Kombi $33990+ORC
Syncro Kombi DLX $37550+ORC
Syncro Caravelle $48500+ORC

Trakka Gold Pack Conversion $16830

Price list May 1988

Syncro Kombi $39950+ORC
Rear Diff Lock $1550
Front Diff Lock $700
Power Steering $1790