Day of the Volkswagen - Victoria

Yesterday's Day of the Volkswagen has come and gone. The overall
attendance caught the VW Club of Victoria well off guard and there
were vehicles shoehorned into every available place. In particular,
they got 2 to 3 times the number of Type 2's that they expected, with
the result that the Syncros weren't together for the first time. We
were just scatteded amongst all the rest of the T1's, T2's, T3's,
T4's.... Never mind, there is always next year and I will try to
make a finite arrangement for allocated space.

Attending were the Syncros of Mark Boys, Bernd Wachs, Bryan Reed and
Roger Bell. There were two other Syncros there but we never were
able to track down the owners. Michael Rayner (photographer)
appeared; he had sold his Syncro, later realized that he shouldn't
have, and is now looking for another one.

The highlight for me was having a very long conversation with Steve
Muller. Steve is of the Muller & Muller family, which has been in
the VW business in Sydney for a very long time. Steve has a prolific
memory and I simply could not write fast enough to get it all on
paper. I learned an enormous amount about the sales of the Syncro in
Australia and also a good deal about engine and gearbox temperatures,
cylinder heads and a host of other things.

I have long been trying to establish how many Syncros were bought by
Telecom, and now I have the definitive answer - they bought 380. Now
all we need to establish is where the other 350 have gone. They must
be somewhere.

Many thanks, Steve. I am still trying to get it all written down.
(Personal reminder - side windows.)


Les and others,

Has anyone been able to get hold of numbers of non Telstra T3 Syncro’s brought in to the country?





Steve Muller does have a number but I want a bit more clarification before I put it up.  Or maybe Steve would oblige us all and do it himself.  He has a most impressive knowledge of this, right down to models that sold a total of only four or six over the whole time the Syncro was sold in Australia.
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Les and others,

Has anyone been able to get hold of numbers of non Telstra T3 Syncro’s brought in to the country?



Hello All

Gordon has just sent me a sms, he is in Karratha at the moment. He says he has done 8,800 kms so far. "Crazy" people driving in the north this weather, Still it is different, at least he has air-con. Something we didn't have in the early seventies in our holden wagon. We were living in Darwin and did a couple of trips south at this time of year. One thing we quickly learnt was, don't put your tent up until dark when it cooled, the floor sure trapped the heat in.


HI guys!

The trip is going surprisingly well for 8500km in 2 weeks in a R5500 1985
Mazda 323!

Drove Bruce's Golf 3 Turbo Diesel powered Syncro and it was AMAZING! Full
of life compared to the Toyota options (sorry stu, but its like your
ZoopaGolf!) but runs out of steam around 120, but gearing still a little
short in 4th to make it competitive with 2l petrol engines. With some
gearbox mods, this would be the engine for us! Smooth and quiet. Pity we
can't get em... Stu and I will have to do some research in Europe next
year! Got some good pics.

Also saw Phil Lander's bus - 14" With 16" wheel arch flares. It looks
great! Stu and I are working on reproducing them back home, so keep an
eye on the syncrohospital site!

Spoke to a local Syncronaut Rick who can get free/cheap flights for
himself between OZ and SA and he will be joining us for the SAamtrek next

Been in contact with Albins Gears and got good info on their options,
which will make many of our SYncros more drivable!

We have reached the West Coast of Oz after 3000km thru the outback and boy
is it hot! 45deg each day, and scenery quite pleasant - much like Namibia.
About 300km stretches between "roadhouses" which serve warm petrol and
cold drinks, and even the odd pool to cool you down!

Blew a water hose today in the first large town for the last 4000km, so in
a way lucky! Fixed already, but suspect a head leak that is pressurizing
the system. Working on it....

Met some great people, and going to meet Yurik next weekend in Perth.

Regards from Down Under,
Gordon (and Yvette)