Fitting decoupler

I haven't had a chance to check this yet but it will obviously save
a lot of work. I will look at mine over the weekend and see if I
can get some pics to post on the website.


Hi Les
Just to clarify about the wiring for the diff lock etc, the front
diff lock has its own wiring cable the rear diff lock has its own
wiring and the wiring for the add on decoupler is located close to
the location of where the decoupler will go. Location more on the
passenger rear wheel side. VW didnt delete this cable from the
original selectable 4wd transporter from 1985. This cable will be
tied up somewhere in the chasiss. It might not be located in the
same position in all vehicles as mechanics over time could have
moved it. Also non diff lock vehicles should have this wiring as
well. I checked Brian Reed's ex Telstra van and the cables were tied
up with cable ties. Hope this all makes sense.
Mark Boys