Fuses & Relays

Long silence because I have been in Queensland for a family funeral
and have been pinned down with other matters since.

Going back to the fuses and relays, I have at long last been able to
get a fuse cover for an Australian delivered T3 but it came off a
2WD, not a Syncro. (The part number is 251 937 071.) It might be
identical to the Syncro and it might not.

Above the row of fuses in my Syncro are five plug-ins and I haven't
had time yet to even pull them out to see what they are. On the
bottom row, from left to right, they are arranged 18, blank, 19, 72
and 21. Above is just one, numbered 42, and it is above the blank
on the lower row.

They are all clearly numbered but there simply isn't any mention in
Bentleys of what the numbers represent. I have been through the
wiring diagrams in Bentleys and found and listed all the relays but
have yet to look for all the fuse symbols and list them. I suppose
that I can work it out by dropping the fuse panel out and checking
the terminal numbers that they plug into, but I am at a loss as to
why the plug-ins all bear such prominent numbers but don't get a
mention in the diagrams.

I mourn the passing of the older German wiring diagrams, which were
a work of art. Every mortal part was illustrated and every mortal
wire was shown in full colour. Compared with the new system, it was
crystal clear and instantly comprehensible. Sigh.

All this has been brought about because the fire went out when I was
driving up the Princes Freeway in heavy traffic. Fortunately, I was
able to find enough gaps to get off to the side lane. I found that
I had fuel pressure but no spark, so I have to get into the whole
system to find where the spark has gone. This is where I started
looking at the wiring diagrams!