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For those like myself who prefer to look at pictures I am enclosing extracts from the official factory brochures of August 1985 and 87.  Tried to down load before and it would not accept all 8 illustrations so will try again with the first 4 and again with the second 4.in separate email.-
Brochure 565/1190.26.18 Printed in Austria 8/85  extracts 1 -4    Green Syncro with round headlights and brown Carat with square headlights.
Brochure 765/1190.26.16 Printed in Germany   8/87  extracts 5-8  Blue syncro with round headlights and 2 pages of optional accessories which include a round headlight cleaning system but no square headlights othan on an 87 carat. ie in both of the brochures only the Carat wears square headlights. The accessory page however states "the range is too extensive to list here in its entirety"
 Could I draw your attention to the  "fresh air intake opening with additional roof mounted luggage tray" which it goes on to say is for"operation in dry dusty climates or dusty regions"  Never seen one here -perhaps I should get out more>
Dont forget to check the next download. the attachments are different.
The booklets are between 35-40 pages each otherwise I would offer to download them in full. However do I remember one of our European associates already doing this?
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Phill is right on that... ref Square Headlights.. once Ateco started marketing the T3  & T3 Syncro after gaining distribution rights from LNC Industries in 87 (after the all-time low of VW sales in 1987 - just 48 sold in 1987 ) - Ateco ordered them with Square Headlights - the LNC vehicles had round headlights. M984 was the option I believe for square headlights, but probably doesn't appear on the VIN Sticker as it may just have M 608 - "Australian Equipment'. This was certainly the case for the TKM vehicles, which usually had very few M Codes on the sticker. The Ateco vehicles were ordered more flexibly with more options listed on the sticker, however, the square headlights were still part of the 'Australian spec'.
Internationally, square headlights were generally available from 1985 onwards, as an option for Transporters, standard on Multivan and Caravelle GL, and standard on special editions such as a 'WhiteStar Hannover Edition' or 'Redstar',