FW: RHD 16" DOKA sale

This has come in from a UK member.  More information soon.



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Hi Les, Aidan and I were talking about the possible sale of my very rare RHD 16" Doka and he suggested I contacted you with regards Australia being a possible route for any sale. Ideally I would like the van to go to another enthusiast.  Photos can be seen on the original thread here



Van is exactly as it came to me and is currently stored which is a shame and the reason I would like to pass it on. I have too much on my plate at the mo (baby on way / unfinished projects etc ) it's diesel , twin diff locks etc

Mike Busman is aware the van is available again but to get it on his website ( maybe for Japan ) I need an advert up and running he can link to so currently thinking about the best place to site that .

I would consider selling the canopy separately if that helped any prospective buyers. Again the NATO canopy is very rare - only two in UK as we know.

Anyway I would be grateful if you could point me to the Australian Syncro owners and / or put your feelers out .

Plenty more info available .




Would it be possible to import this?
Since its post 1989 and isn't on the SEVS scheme?