Fw: [Syncro_T3_Australia] Re: Day of the Volkswagen, Victoria

Hello there All,
Sorry it took me so long to respond to this email,life got in the way. Better late than never. Firstly I'd like to wish everyone a great festive season and Happy New Years and also congratulations to the parents of the recent new arrivals to this world. Well done!
Roger requested some photos of the DOTVW so I'll flick off a few after this email,not so good on the computer but I'll give it a go.
Mark asked questions regarding factory features of my syncro. As far as I know it was delivered as a window van with power steering,rear seat with seat belts and Z bars,rear diff lock,unusual bronze duco(I think its the same as the first car in the shallow crossing photo),rear interior trim and the air conditioning was fitted before delivery by a NSW company altough the car was purchased here in Melbourne. Not sure about the headlining but its quite bad and not insulated. As far as I know Im the 4th owner. I'll try and attach a photo of it to this email.
Improvements I've made since acquiring it are...a set of steel Peco Star wheels(a great wheel company that used to be here in Melby),Michelin XCD 205 r 14C (light truck tyres), folding bed seat,Alloy Roo Bar,Rola Racks,second battery and I picked up some parts off a Caravelle,sliding window and others that are still to be fitted,jail bars,padded full length headlining,door sliding window,heated rear window,quarter vents and some other interior trim bits. I have some Caravelle seats arriving soonish. Looking for a set of swivel front seat mounts...anybody has a spare set they dont need? ;)
Looking forward to having more time later next year to devote to this project. A Diesel conversion would be great,need to research that more,De-coupler,front diff lock and some cupboards,curtains etc.etc.
Have enjoyed checking out recent postings especially Hanover 60th anniversary and I think I'll be ordering a calender soon.
Cheers to all, Andy Sinclair.
Hi Les and Andy,

Thanks for the trip report. The discussion on tyres is great but also
good to hear of some actual Syncro meetups and community events.

Les, sounds like your sensible strategy of meeting outside worked
well. We'll have to think of that too for events up here.

You also mentioned Andy had a bronze Syncro with an unusual mixture of
features... Was this an unusual mix of factory delivered features?

Just curious.... eg, does anyone on the list have a factory fitted
cruise control, or ABS (both features fitted in Europe variously). I
believe ABS on a DOKA is pretty rare even in Europe.