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Thanks Rowan - such contributions are most welcome and part of the reason we need a bit of flexibility in the proposed tour. I'm presently down in Portland Vic with my son and daughter-in law both of whom were previously in Tasmania  so will also ask them.They took me to a hot springs pond on the way to Sheffield so they may know of the Meander Falls. Deloraine is certainly a lovely spot to stop for a cuppa. I believe the camping ground by the river becomes even more interesting every time the river rises and floods it!
Could I also comment on Ken's clarification - it would be good if we did all travel on the same ferry crossing from Melbourne but to suit people who may want to cross Bass Strait earlier or return later I proposed naming (at his suggestion)  a time and point of departure for the tour from Devonport and similarly a finish time and place at Devonport. Tasmania does have strictly enforced quarantine laws forbidding entry of meat, fish, fruit and guns!!! which I will detail prior to departure so we might all need to go together after assembly to get all but the last such provisions. Otherwise I would suggest that people plan to arrive in Devonport ready to commence the tour although if all else fails there certainly used to be a VW dealer in Devonport.
Who knows we might bond so well as a group that we become eternal grey nomads continually circling the State.
Paul we would like to hear from you.

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Hi Roger,
Spending Some time in Deloraine, where my Mum lives, recently, we went to Meander Dam where we incidentally caught a trout, and then on to the Meander Falls walk. The normal route was not passable due to a recent flood which ruined the bridge. Forestry Tas wont replace the bridge due to no logging going on currently in that area. A couple of walkers said that there was a track to the Meander falls abeit 4WD access only. So we went back to the Dam and headed off to the 4WD access rd to see if we could make it in our Corolla with 4 people in it! Needless to say after the first 300 metres we turned back. The access rd goes for about 4.5Km and ends at a really neat Suspension Bridge Which you can walk over to the wild Meander river and then the walking track continues up into temperate rain forest to the falls. Very Beautiful and worth a look.
Cant tell you much more than that I dont know how challenging the road will be for the Syncros. A Subi went down to try their luck after we turned back. I cant imagine it being difficult, but who knows?
As I said at the time wish I had my Syncro in Tassie with me then!
Most tourists pass through Deloraine at some stage and its about 20 -30 min from there.
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Happy New Year Everyone.
Owe you all an update on the Tassie Tour 
John & Grace :
Jurgen(with his "Camel")
Paul (I hope-haven't heard direct)
 myself Roger
 i.e.  6 people 5 vehicles. Sorry to hear that its out for a number of others but this still allows a bit of room for late participants if circumstances change. Also is a T5 acceptable ?
I think it would be correct to say all the participants are retired and not tightly bound by dates?
The original dates suggested Depart Mon 18 Feb return Sun 10 March are still available on the Spirit of Tasmania EXCEPT for pensioner concessions.
There is still good availability Feb 18 -March 8 with some availability outside this mid week.
A company that I only know from its listing on the web. "Travel with a cause" claims to offer lower rates than booking with the Spirit direct plus it donates all its profits to 3rd world charities. It appeals to me unless it is a scam. Anyone know anything of it? 
Whilst it would be good to all travel together was however thinking that it would be best if we all book our own actual sailings to suit to allow people to get over earlier or return later if required but with a given starting date and time in Devonport e.g.. 9am Tues 19 Feb start off together and return to Devonport in time for the Sun 10 March 7.30pm sailing. 
I think I should rejig the itinerary to bring us to Hobart for a Saturday "Salamanca Market" and slow the pace down - Do others agree? I'd expect that we could be flexible enough to vary things by general consensus as we go along but basically stick to an agreed plan.
I'll send this off now, lets have some feedback and look to confirm ferry bookings by this time next week.
Looks a good group to me.