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Date: 6. Mai 2009 17:37:22 MESZ
Subject: [syncro.org] New Smooth Driveline Available

Hello Syncronauts,
I have come up with a different drive line design for the Syncro. After testing at SdM and putting on hundreds of miles I am very happy with it. I have tried to have my stock drive line rebuilt and balanced twice by two different reputable drive line shops with the same result. Yes, I have gone through all of that laser alignment crap. They still vibrated. I know there are some who have sold or are still selling the slip yoke style and most of those run smooth. However some have found with either a rebuilt or new slip yoke and going through the burning of incense and chants they still had vibration.
My new drive line has a CV joint at the rear and a slip yoke u-joint at the front. With this type of shaft the front flange has to aim at the rear flange. This is so the front u-joint will run at 0 degrees. I just used a string and a  $5 angle finder to measure. I had to shim up the rear mounts of the front diff about 5/8" and it all took about 15 minutes. I also just used a tape measure so that the flange was centered side to side. I did not do anything to transmission or engine mounts. My engine support bar is bent badly from dropping down on boulders. I have added one inch square tubing to lower the engine back down from it being bent so bad. With the cv joint in the rear it doesn't care what the angle is.
The new drive line uses spicer joints that are larger than the syncro joints. They have a zerk fitting so you can lube them and the slip yoke. Since it is all a larger bolt pattern aluminum adaptors were machined to bolt to the syncro flanges. Then the drive line bolts to the adaptors. It took about 15 minutes to bolt it all in. On my first test drive I was amazed that it runs as smooth as not having a drive line installed. The CV on one end is the trick.
We don't have pics up on our web site  sorry. We probably won't either so the mass merchandisers won't copy what I have come up with. We are selling the drive lines for $750 that includes everything to bolt them in. Until we get a feel for how often they will sell we are not stocking them yet. It will take about two weeks for us to one. These are 100% brand new and are made in the USA. The joints have a lifetime warranty for breakage. In an emergency you can go to your FLAPS and they will have the joints on the shelf. The factory did not use laser levels to align the transmission and front diff and you should not have to either.
Thanks for reading, 
John and Glori
Glori's Import Service
2690 Florin Road, Suite 108
Sacramento, CA 95822
www.glorisimportser viceautorepair. com