Fwd: [Syncro] Parts for sale

parts anyone?

My wife is making me decide between keeping my 90 syncro westy 2.5 tdi
project or my 87 syncro Doka 2.5 tdi project. I am keeping the westy, so
I have some things ment for the Doka up for sale. I have knocked off
some $$ from the prices that I paid for these items, however they are
all new and unused other than sitting around in my garage for a year.
The prices do not include shipping. I live near Bellingham, Washington
so you know how far away you are.

Springs- from Steve S.   $350.
SA big brake kit-  $375. 
OME shocks-  $375.
Syncro 16 wheel arches- $775.
Tire lock- bead lockers - $650.
CV joint protectors-  $125.
1 stock alloy wheel ( no scuffs) -  $25.
1987 Syncro Double Cab ( project car ) - $4000.
1999 VW 5 cylinder 2.5 tdi 150 hp (perfect engine for the Doka) - $3000.

You can p-mail me at or call  360-303-7883.

Thanks,  Jon