Good news & bad news

I'm driving along the sunny California cost this afternoon looking at the sea lions and the wave crashing in on the coat when I smell the sweet smell of coolant. I quickly look down to see my temp gauge rising and then the ominous blinking light start up.  I kill the motor and pull to the side on the road, walking to the back I can already see I’m in trouble.  I have split a water hose and emptied the entire cooling system.  Then my mobile would not work, well it a nice day for a stroll anyway.  After walking 2 or 3 mile I manage to get hole of a mobile and call AAA. That the bad new!  The good new is I was just down the road from Los Osos the home of Go Westy. $1..40 later I was back on the road. I have included a few pics of there place so you can see the size of it.  It would have to be one of the best workshops I have seen.  And the quality of the car are impeccable.  Thanks Go Westy!

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