more help on mag wheels

Thanks for the response to my last post requesting help on suitable mags for my syncro,
unfortunately I didnt get any response from anyone using locally made 15" mags. I am sure
there are some out there. My original post is included below.
Thanks in advance.

Nick B

I know a few people out there have 15" mag wheels on their vehicle and I am wondering what
my options are. I am extremely happy with the Mercedes steel rims, except that I am sick of
loosing hub caps. ( I ended up loosing 3 out of four on my last trip from SA to WA and that
was after cable tying them on. Anyway I am not keen on spraying them silver an am sick of
buying hub caps. Is the 15x7 (offset 35) Speedy Cougar the only choice. Has a photo been
published somewhere so that I can see what our vehicles look like. Finally I thought there was
something mentioned about special instructions on having the centre bored out at time of
manufacture to fit our vehicles. Please help.

Nick B
Hi Nick,

apologies for not previously replying to this post.
The link below will give you a number of locally made wheels that will fit a Syncro.

I have a set of the 16" Superlites on mine. They are rated at 950kg and have an ET of
25mm so, IMHO are an excellent choice and look good too. They are also made in
Elizabeth so you can't get much more local to you than that!

I ordered mine through the local wheel and tyre business here in Ceduna. I'm sure there
would be plenty of Performance wheel dealers near you.

From memory, there were a few other Performance wheels that were rated at 950kgs
although I imagine the range will have changed since I bought mine 2 1/2 years ago.

Anyway, I should be down in Adelaide this weekend so you can pick up your parts and
have a look at the van at the same time. The bus is there now having the SIS LPG system
fitted quite near you actually.