More on the hall sender unit.

The mechanic thinks that this might be the problem. It is an expensive (plus hard to find )
part which might not be the problem at all. As the vehicle is running I can continue to use
it but am not willing to spend around $300 for a part that might not be faulty. Does
anyone out there have a distributor from a 1991 Transporter with an MV motor (perhaps
left over from an engine upgrade) that they would be willing to lend me to test out. If it is
the problem I will return it to you plus a rental fee and purchase a new unit. If it turns out
to be something else I may hay to swap other ignition parts. Anyone out there in Australia
able to help. I am located in Adelaide.

Nick B
Take it to an auto electrician that specialises in distributors. They can put it on a test machine.

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