Never too late……

In 1982 I read in a motoring magazine an article titled: ‘The King is back.’ The monarchical reference was the VW Van and the temporal inference was the hiatus between the T2 and the T3. That was my introduction to the emergence of the T3 Syncro. The front cover of the magazine showed a striking yellow Syncro muscling along a rugged Aussie outback track driven by VW Germans testing the Syncro’s mettle (and metal) - I began dreaming! Yet it took nearly 35 years for that dream to become reality. What was it that the Kelly bloke said? “Such is life”.

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You dont still have that magazine do you?

No Scott, only the memory of it. However my memory of the time I read it is strong. I did not take notice of the name of the magazine but I do recall that I read it in October 1982; why? I was holidaying at Batemans Bay staying in a unit called Surf Side and the verdict of the Lindy Chamberlain trial (29 October 1982) was announced during my one week stay - contextual memory. The magazine itself was one of several others lying around for guests to read up on the top sundeck. So, Sherlock or Poirot, or is it Mission Impossible should you accept it - you have a starting point for your investigation/mission, lol.
Good Luck


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The name of the book was Modern Motor (May 1982). Available on Ebay.
Or you could try and chase down a Brooklands copy of:
Volkswagen Bus-Camper-Van Performance Portfolia
1979-1991…which has a compilation of 40 articles on the T3 by various magazines, including The King is Back.
Also lots of Syncro articles.
A great read.

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Syncros didn’t come out until 1986. I think the magazine could be 1989.

Definitely 1982, even though the Syncro didn’t come to Australia for the car market, I would therefore assume that the one I read about was probably still in the testing stages.

I probably have the magazine with yellow syncro.