Off the air!!!!

Sorry, everyone, but I have been off the (Yahoo Group) air for
several days. Notwithstanding that I am the owner of this site,
Yahoo periodically decides that I do not exist and drops me off the
list because my e-mail has "bounced"! Interestingly, the endless
spam never bounces!

Never mind. I must thank Yahoo for making the facility available
for free to the Australian Syncro owners.

The membership list is up to 63 and I must look to see who the
latest members are; in any event, welcome to the new members. For
the overseas members, we have already had a German couple, Joachim
and Jasmin, tour all of Australia. As our member list increases, we
can offer hosting around most of Australia to anyone from overseas
who wants to duplicate their tour.

I will catch up with the direct messages later tonight.

Les Harris