Oiling Plates

I had an enquiry from Hartmut regarding oiling plates. He is having
his gearbox rebuilt, has a set of oiling plates but no information
on fitting. I posted a query on the Syncro South Africa site on his
behalf and this morning received this very useful response from
Eddie van der Weijde, also known as Syncroman.

Hi Les,

We recommend and fit these plates to all the gearboxes we repair.
The smaller, squarish plates fit between the main and pinion shaft
onto the centre section at the 4th gear and the long plate fits in
the diff section opposite to the diff-lock. Give us a day or so and
I will take some pictures and send them on to you.
Some guys don't believe it's necessary but from experience we find
they make quite a difference to the life of the pinion bearing and
4th gear which, as most of us know is the two weak spots on the VW
kombi gearboxes. In our high ambient temperature countries
especially when pulling a trailer over long distances, the plates
give additional cooling to the pinion and 3rd/4th gears. We also
recommend using a full synthetic gear oil, like all the latest VW
vehicles are using. We use Castrol BOT130M which makes the gear
change smoother when cold and also keeps the viscosity at high

Best Regards,