Ossyncro's Visit to Ceduna.

This morning we waved off Andrew and Melissa as they headed south on
the Peninsula. It was great to meet them and spend an evening waxing
lyrical about our wonderful vans(!) and also discussing the great
adventures that can be had when travelling.
Thanks for dropping by guys.
Like most of us they have done a lot to make the bus just as they
want and they have a great van that is really well set up for a
couple to travel in. The extra fuel and the water tank that are
fitted underneath look to be really good and are well worth a look
for anyone considering something similar, as is the roof rack.

What is it about Syncro's that seems to turn owners in to (as my wife
says, in the nicest possible way of course) "obsessives" about our
vans? :-))

Andrew and Melissa, I hope you have a great trip around the country
and that others in the Syncro family enjoy your visit as much as we

Andy, Ruth, Evan, Ronan, Aled and Finlay.

PS. I have added photos to the site.