Parting out 1985 Syncro Doublecab with locking diffs front and rear

Hello Folks,
First of all, my apologies for those on multiple lists & forums as this posting is cc'd to various groups that I belong to. It is of great sadness that make this announcement.
Yes, it is a 1985 model Syncro. It was the first year released in Europe. Engine has been converted to 2.1 for certification purposes. Color is Escorial Green. Made a mistake of storing it at my friend's house in Pacifica. It's now ready for the cutting saw. The Doka has not been driven more than 100 miles in the past 10 years. The engine conversion was done about 8 years ago. This was originally a carbureted truck.
As the title suggests, there are locking diffs front and rear. Taking offers over $1400 for the front. That's how much one vendor will pay not including the vacuum goodies. This will be a money losing deal for me so please me reasonable with your offers. Got a local shop to agree with the parting out but I would prefer local buyers who can remove parts themselves. The vehicle still runs and is relatively intact. Someone test drive will be available the first few days but that is it.
Sorry the parts of the body which are Doka specific will be harvested for a Doka trailer project. Besides the rust is pretty bad. Nothing special up front as far as the body is concerned. There is a tall German canopy in serviceable condition.
I haven't tallied my minimum need$ but should have it worked out by next week. Please PMAIL your requests rather than bothering the List(s). If there are no deals made by next weekend, I will starting posting pieces on Ebay.
The Doka will be parted out at a shop in Colma, California, USA. For those who don't know where that is, it's the resting place for Wyatt Earp of OK Corral fame.