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As far as I know, Yahoo does not do any reduction of the original post size. 
I recently posted some surfing pics for a member who wanted to remain anonymous (but I can tell you he lives on Heard Island) and reduced one of his pics from 2.78 MB down to 103 KB.  (We have a limited allocation for pics, so I try to keep the size down.)  I then added this to the Photos album.
In the album, it appears first as a thumbnail and shows properties of 1.96 KB.  When opened in the "medium" size, it shows 38 KB but when opened in the "large" size, it shows 103 KB, the size that I originally added to the album.
In summary, the posting stays at its original size in the "large" format but is reduced in the preceding screens.
I have a fairly good scanner, so I will have a play with scanning definition and see what I can get.
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Hi Roger,

Thanks for putting that up there - it is a little better, but still
not easy to read.

I don't think the issue is with you, rather, with Yahoo reducing the
images automatically.

Can you please try uploading 1 of your 75dpi images and 1 of your
100dpi images to the FILES section. You'll see some very reasonably
sized (say, 200k) scans are perfectly legible / printable in there.

Ref PDF - some scanners provide that option through their software
(eg, HP) when pressing the SCAN button and it prompts "Picture /
Document" - select document to end up with a PDF (at least in the HP case)