Re: [Syncro_T3_Australia] Re: Everything is a compromise, Need to buy a visco...

steve and les,
Bernd Jaeger is a very reliable source.
his website (the link can also be found within our newsgroup) has an "english version button".
all neccessary information should be explained there.
despite that, i'm always happy to help with difficulties!


There are several sources.  You can include Bernd Jaeger in Germany
as a reliable source.  Joachim (he's the 'uluru' character on the
list) lives in Germany and has direct contact, so Joachim can give
you more information.  Bernd is a Syncronut like you wouldn't
believe and has a business that caters for Syncros around the

Joachim and the lovely Jasmin shipped their Syncro to Australia last
year and did a circumnavigation that included Tasmania.  Brian Reed
spotted them in Apollo Bay (Vic) and established contact, which is
why they are now on the Australian list and have been accorded
honorary status as Australian Syncronauts.


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> Thanks Les,
>           A lot of very good info. Who supplies VC in AUS? I will
> contact Volkspower in Melbourne, 03 9808 6777 or
> Derek "derekdrew@r..." in the US, the AUS Dollar is good at the
> moment, for some prices.
> Thanks
> Steve, Geraldton, WA