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As with just about everything else, design and functionality improvements are to be found in many automotive components, and this includes air conditioning compressors.  A good example is the Engel refrigerators.  I have one dating back about 20 years and it is extremely powerful in terms of cabinet performance.  It will freeze the contents rock solid in 45 degree temperatures.  I know because I did it accidentally one summer!  It pulls around 5 amps, which is acceptable for such good performance.
The new Engel compressor for the same size cabinet and performance pulls 2.5 amps.  I understand that the improvements are in the drive motor and the design of the compressor.  Yurik's finding appears consistent with improvements in compressor design.
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> I'm unclear why it is you keep banging on about ducting.

That is the problem with the Australian a/c systems. The German ducted style works fantastic. I was at the VW Nationals when they were driving people around a test track all day and even though the outside temperature was in the high 20s, it remained cool in the Caravelle.

I know of people that modified the ducts/vents on their Aussie system which improved it. I do not think that a/c technology has really changed much in the last 20 years, so unless you compressor is knackered you will not get much of an improvement.

What is actually wrong with your a/c at the moment Ken?