Re: [Syncro_T3_Australia] Valla 2012 4x4 Adventure. Rover trail.

For those interested, a YouTube clip of the 'rover trail'

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That should be fine. Look forward to it!

On 29/05/2012 5:31 PM, Hartmut Kiehn wrote:

Skot, don’t think Anni is keen to take the Tristar through the ruts, so would you help out and be the driver ? would be great if you would be available. Hart

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Bill, Hart & All Keen Valla goers,

Mel is bringing the syncro up this year but she wont get there till around lunch time on Saturday, She cant drive the bay kombi (well last time she did it cost me about $500.00). Somehow I don't think my lowered 71 bay will cope with an off-road adventure.

Looks like I will have to wait for Old Bar off-road fun.


On 29/05/2012 11:53 AM, Hartmut Kiehn wrote:

Hi Bill, this sounds to good to be true !!! Count me in with Trakka and Tristar.


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Hi all. Anyone interested in a short but quite challenging 4x4 forest drive during Valla 2012. The venue is a short forest drive (ABOUT 4KM) at the back of coffs Harbour called the "Rover trail". The local 4wd clubs use it to test their vehicles and for fun. The highlights are some very steep rutted climbs and descents, and lovely forest drive with views. It's within the capability of our syncros but will definitely test them. I got through a couple of weeks ago without engaging diff lock(not by choice the diff lock wouldnt engage). The beginning of the trail is near Bruxner park lookout which is a destination itself with a skywalk and breathtaking views over Coffs and out to the solitary islands.
My proposal is. Leave Valla 9am friday 3rd August for 35 minute run to Coffs. Morning tea at Bruxner park lookout. 2km to start of the trail. Allow about half an hour to one hour to complete the course, obviously more if we stay and play or get stuck.
Returning to Valla we go past Raleigh raceway where the vw racing is held. There are a few posts on youtube featuring the rover trail. Expressions of interest? Bill

That link doesn't seem to work... Just do a search on YouTube for the 'rover trail'



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> For those interested, a YouTube clip of the 'rover trail'