re: Trakka handbook and electrical mods

Gday Les,
"But, the "handbook" had an index and the index listed the wiring
diagram, which also happened to be the last page. It just happens that
the few people that I have been in contact with have tatty copies, as
is mine, and they don't have the last page either."

Having a Trakka indexed handbook, you must have a pretty salubrious
Trakka conversion indeed!

I have original Trakka "Bronco" version documentation. It comprises a
set of stapled A4 laser printer pages describing key aspects of the
Bronco inclusions. The first page has official gold colour
border/heading embellishment.
No where is there an index, as well, certainly no wiring illustrations
nor schematics.

I do recall you saying many many many moons ago the Piranha was in hand
and on the todo short list, I thought at the time ... good, heh I'll be
looking forward to feedback on how this mod works out. So it's been a
while eh. As a last resort, engage an auto electrician? To easy, lol.