Rust Bullet - rust treatment system ... follow up

Gday all,
Since last posting about this product, I've found out there is an Oz
mainland supplier .. based in Melbourne as follows:

Mr Andy Hunt
Phone: 03 6391 8014 Mobile 0400 161412 & email:

By his email address ... begs the question, does he drive a veedub?

He has a starter kit available called "double shots", mainly for small
jobs, i.e. 1 tin will do 2 wheel arches, there are 2 tins in a box for
$32 plus $9.50 postage. Also available is a 1 quart tin (just under a
litre) these are $66 plus $18 postage, or a gallon, at $210 plus $32

I simply emailed him, electronically sent money to his nominated
account for what I ordered and it arrived in the mail no problem.

Haven't had time to use it yet. Cheers.