Speedos, Ratios, Windows - the Codes et al


With all the talk of speedos, options etc, you may find some of these links form the Brickyard interesting.


from this page:

There is also a neat table of gearbox ratios, which the author admits may be incomplete / inaccurate for Syncro particularly


From this list:

Codes, Numbers etc.
Colour codes. Sales and actual paint codes
Gearbox codes. Gearbox codes, what they were fitted to and their ratios.
M numbers The list of factory fitted options
Spring colour codes A list of data to enable correct spring identification.
VIN Numbers. Vehicle Identification numbers, what it all means.
VW's parts numbering. A brief guide to how the VW parts numbering system works.
DIN Numbers. Ever wonder what those numbers on electrical connections were?
Speedo (Odometer) Info. Results of a survey to find out what those numbers mean on your speedo.
Useful Part Numbers. A few parts you can get wrong!

from this page



On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 9:32 PM, Scott <kombi4x427lc@yahoo.com> wrote:

Happy New Year to All Fellow Syncro Fanatics.

Just wondering if anyone has an instruent cluster lying around as

I have just installed a new stereo and soldered many wires without
removing the earth lead. Now my temperature gauge suddenly reads very
hot. As mine is an '88 model it only ha a 5 digit odemeter with no
trip meter - very anoying.

Let me know if anyone is interested in selling a cluster with a six
digit speedo and trip meter.

Thanks in advance.


Terrigal NSW


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