Syncro encounter

Had a nice syncro moment in Rockhampton today. Just driving home after
mowing my daughters yard and saw a Syncro going in the opposite
direction. By the time I was able to do a U-turn I had lost it, but
managed to track it down.

An elderly couple just getting out to go to Sizzlers to celebrate their
59th Wedding Anniversary. A 1990 Syncro Trakka conversion that they have
had since new and have done a lot of travelling in it. The gentleman is
not well now and is in a wheelchair, his wife now has full control of the
Syncro. Apparently they come up this way each year from Penrith for the

They are dedicated VW syncro owners and lots of people have offered to
buy it off them, but they aren't selling. Had a good chat (like syncro
nuts do) and wished them more happy syncro km's. They aren't on the

Bruce Black