Syncro for sale on Carsales

Hey guys,

Selling my Syncro if anyone is interested. Dont want to, but leaving the county for a few years.

Been very reliable and the best kombi I have ever had (nearly 20!) - will be missed.


Ex telsta - £12,500

235,000 km

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Is anybody interested in purchasing my syncro from me - I leave for England in a few weeks - so I need to sell it

Open to offers

234 km ex telstra

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Seeing the roof racks reminded me I have a set of Thule roof rack legs for sale. They are longer than usual (200 mm) and fit the Thule square bar design. In good condition. I had to buy even longer ones (280 mm) because my pop top is higher than the Trakkka design. $90 plus freight.


Peter from Port