Tassie trip notes and fails

Ok an honest account had some trouble keeping fluids in my van!!. Otherwise the trip went perfectly… My last minute van preps went quite well. Insulation up under front preventing hot feet was successful after having replacing the heater valve. I used Form shield and some insulation pipe from Clark rubber. Form shield comes in 2 thicknesses 10mm and 5mm. I used the adhesive backed 10mm under the front around the radiator. I used 5mm non adhesive on all the windows. Fixed to the frames with small neodymium magnets and cloth tape worked well but the form shield has shrunk a little so will have to readjust the magnets a bit.
My GB rebuild went well. No vibration in drive shaft at all.
New Behr radiator keeping things cool.

Van spewed out some excess oil on the Hume which was my fault. I overfilled it a bit :disappointed: when I serviced it. That was a bit of a brown trouser moment.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Very hot conditions. Smoke coming off the exhaust where the oil was dripping onto it :scream:. I traced the leak back to the filler neck join! Running at high revs in the oil must have got into a flurry and bubbled up which is crazy! No other visible leaks. The van went fine after that at about half full! Didn’t miss a beat.
So annoying to lose my water cap :thinking: tho. I headed to local hardware to find a 40 ml cap plumbing fitting to stop H2O slopping everywhere. Not a perfect fit bit it works!


Great to know Rowan.

I always use that cap to hold the flap open to access the dipstick without the flap annoying me.

Would be easy to lose.