Telstra Syncro's for sale in Byron Bay 2 x 1992 vans

Hi All,

My local Avo farmer Tony has two ex-Telstra 1992 Syncro vans for sale.
One is rego'd with 215/75/15 copper AT,s and is a bit rough around the edges. Nothing serious, just life on the farm. Mech's are apparently good. Offers over $4000.
The other is not rego'd has 14's and needs tires. Apparently she does have a very nice body though. Offers over $6000.

If anyone wants to lend me $6000 I would love to buy the clean one and swap the good bits out of Cynthia my 92 ex-telstra, who though I love dearly has some kind of dint in nearly every panel and still doesn't have a fourth gear.
He is putting them in the local paper on Tuesday, but would prefer to sell them to an enthusiast.
Tony 02 6677 1956