Top 5 things I learnt about my Syncro on the 2007 Syncro Tour

Gday all,

1. The experts (thanks Rudi and Ric) on Tour tested and confirmed it, my
VC is effectively cactus. (in my case ... VC is passive)

2. I must avoid reversing uphill slopes off-bitumen when the VC is

2. Seems I can safely mix and mis-match tyre types and sizes to my
hearts delight.

3. I learnt I have rear diff-locks. Best guess is a previous owner has
had the original differential replaced with a good 2nd hand one which
.... thank you very much, has diff-locks onboard.

4. I do need to resolve the issue concerning warm beer (and other
perishables) in my 12vdc fridge after about day 2 away from 240vac