Trip back to Melbourne

Camped just North of Holbrook on the way home. It was freezing so perhaps I should have accepted your offer to stay at Goulburn Roger (Beetle).Thanks anyway for the kind offer. In the morning the wipers were frozen to the screen until I set the heater/demister to work but by golly the water in the tank was cold on my fillings when I cleaned my teeth.
 At Holbrook I had to check my road rules for who has right of way when you have a submarine on your right obviously waiting to cross the highway. Also struck a bit of fog but generally everything ran very smoothly and considerably better than the downpour conditions for the drive up. Its very helpful having a bed on hand to have a lifesaving kip when your head starts nodding.
Should have mentioned that there were some superbly presented syncros from our members at the Nationals.- Mark's Caravelle and Skot's virtually finished Van were particular joys to behold amongst some very desirable syncros.I almost regretted locking in my contract for a T5 the previous day at Trakka.Will go away and work out my fuel consumption but first have to refill the tank.
By the way did people see the VW Caddy camper just behind us set up with its bed made up and rear tent attached. It had averaged over 40k per year since new in 2007.