Trip to Tasmania

The van is on the way to Tassie. Currently on the spirit about to depart. Had a lovely catch up with Gerald and Robyn in Ocean Grove. Drive down was good. Overnight at free camp in Jugiong. Only issue so far is that the old girl has become hard to start after a long run. E.g. after stopping to refuel. Starts easy when cold.

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Nice vans…
We had a similar issue in our 2WD at the Old Bar Festival about 12 years ago.
Nothing and no one could fix it.
We had it trucked home to Victoria.(didn’t have Total Care then!!). It was a complicated process.
From memory I think it ended up being the ECU. I can’t remember exactly…too many breakdowns over the years.
Now there’s always a spare in the car.

You probably just need a hard start relay.

I also had a similar issue with my 6cyl Subaru whereby my earth strap was dying which was causing significant resistance and making the van hard to start.

An additional earth strap is always a good idea from the block to the fire wall with good metal to metal connection.

Yet my silver auto just wouldn’t start when hot without the relay.

Ever since it was installed it has been no issue hot or cold.

Our wonderful hosts. :grin::grin:

Thanks Scott. I did put in the extra earth strap a year ago. Mine used to have the relay but I noted it had been disabled. Will get one reinstated. I still have a kit that came with the headlight relay kit.
Cheers from Bass Strait. Peter

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I agree, nice looking vans. While in Tassie (we were there about five weeks ago now) be aware, when the road signs say 15kph it means 15kph. Unfortunately for us, running a stock 2.1 waterboxer it meant a second gear hill climb all the way to the top. On the other side of that was with the 4 to 5 km long hills the brakes were starting to smell by the time we got to the bottom where, once again, there was a hairpin turn at 15kph!! But what a beautiful state and on the dirt roads that we used the Syncro absolutely loved a 70-80kph speed on dirt. It’s what they were built for I reckon. Enjoy your trip. Harold

Thanks Harold. I am from Hobart so know the state pretty well. I agree with your views about the road signs. Spot on. Cheers. :grin::grin:

Good to get two old friends back together again (the vans I mean).

I remember camping in a NSW national park 2014/15 when I heard the unmistakable sound of the WBX. Gerald and Robyn were camped in the adjacent campsite!

If you need somewhere to pit stop on the way back, let me know as we are an hour north of Melbourne.


Still going well in Tassie. Now on the East Coast for a few days. No van issues other than engine has potential to boil if left idling for too long. No issues while driving.

Looks like a nice spot and great weather Peter.

Great to hear the van is going so well.