VW Worlds biggest car manufacturer

I heard they(VW)were trying to be the biggest by 2015.
This report says different.

According to Forbes Business Magazine, the Volkswagen Group is now the world's largest auto company, and the world's 24th-largest public company (of all kinds).

The Forbes list of the world's top 100 companies is compiled with a combination of Sales, Profits, Assets and Market Capitalisation (shares x share value).

The Volkswagen Group's annual Sales are US$168.3 billion, with Profits of US$9.1 billion. The Group has assets of $267.5 billion, and Market Value of $70.3 billion.

VW is bigger than Daimler (43rd); Ford (54th); Toyota (55th); General Motors (61st); BMW (72nd) and Honda (80th). VW is also bigger than Nestle; IBM; ING; Pfizer; Hewlett Packard; Microsoft and Apple.

The world's biggest company overall is US bank JP Morgan Chase. However the company with the biggest annual Sales is Walmart (US$421.8 billiion), followed by Royal Dutch Shell ($369.1 billion) and ExxonMobil ($341.6 billion). The company with the biggest Profit is Nestle ($36.7 billion), followed by ExxonMobil ($30.5 billion) and the Russian gas company Gazprom ($25.7 billion).

Interestingly, Australia's biggest company is not BHP Billiton (67th overall), but Westpac - 65th biggest company in the world.