Wiring, etc

Specifically the wires at the positive terminal.  The insulation on each has peeled back a bit and there is copper oxide on them/ through them and I would like to get it out and reseal them.
Blue/Orange manuals:
The ones I have do not have a wiring diagram.  They do show three wires at the positive end of the battery but they don't show the third wire actually connected to the terminal.  These three are marked:-
1. Wire from battery to starter
2. Wire from battery to junction box
3. Wire to fuse/relay plate, terminal 30.
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> I was unaware that there might be differences in the RH drive Syncros.
> Is there any such thing as a diagram for them?

Yes, they are in those Blue/Orange genuine VW manuals.
Some of the stuff would be in the Haynes or Peter Russek manuals.

The wiring that I was
> referring to is at the battery positive terminal. Bentleys shows the
> starter cable and one 6mm. Mine has an additional 6mm on it but this
> might have been part of the Trakka wiring.

Sounds like Trakka.

> Everyone,
> What is the best way to clean corrosion off wiring terminals? There is
> something in the back of my mind but I can't drag it up.
> Les
What terminals do you want to clean?
Accessable = emery, steel wool, scotchbrite, wire brush, Brasso, Ajax
Inaccessable = spray contact cleaner