Yahoo "Spam" Filter

Yahoo recently added a spam filter to all Yahoo group sites. The
criteria being used is knocking out legitimate group messages and I
don't know about it unless I open the site and log on as
administrator. Prior to this, I would use the administrator
function about one a month, and then just to do a general check.

It's done it again regarding procuring parts from overseas and I
have to go in and unblock the legitimate posts from several
members. If anyone sends a post that doesn't show up, email me
direct and I will check the blocked posts.

We were getting to have a spam problem some time back but I fixed
that by changing from open membership (anyone could join) to closed
(administrator approval required). The key element is that the
prospective member is required to say why he wants to join this
site. This eliminates the automated programmes that trawl the
internet for all open membership sites, join them and then proceed
to send spam. These programmes can't read such things as the
requirement to state why they want to join This brought it to a
total halt.

I am still having a lot of trouble with this Yahoo spam filter. It is
still blocking legitimate messages. I am trying to get on to Yahoo
but they make it very difficult to find any means of contact. Hang in
there, lads. I will open the manegement function every morning and
unblock your messages until I can get some sense out of Yahoo.

Les Harris