14" Tyres - Where to find them these days?

Hi folks,

This is actually for my 2wd which has the factory alloy 14" rims that are 6" wide.

It currently has 205 R14C tyres which are getting a bit old.

They are quite hard to get these days.

Anyone have a good source?



Hi Scott, I’ve got the Achilles 9595’s on my Syncro Camper and they survived the Gibb River Road and the road to the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu)! They’re pretty good. You can get them through several tyre providers and they are listed with Tyrepower so shouldn’t be hard to get. They are a light truck tyre so not an All Terrain but as I said, they survived pretty tough road conditions while travelling in the Kimberly. Good luck with it, cheers, Harold

Thanks Harold.

They would do fine.

After Googling them - there seem to be quite a few suppliers/ distributors around so they should be easy enough to get.



I had 205/70x14 Toyos on my Doka. Ask Luckyphil.

Thanks Phil.

Many manufacturers have not imported 14" tyres here anymore.

Not many vehicles that come with 14" tyres.

Even my daughters 15 year old Suzuki Swift has 15" wheels.

I will do some more research as Toyos are a good tyre.

However, I would prefer 75 or 80 series side wall such as a 205 R14c

Wow, that’s scary. I fitted Michelin Agilis to the original Syncro rim’s (205’s) for on road use, and still have Michelin X on the T2 van on stock rims (185’s). Neither are available anymore!