15” spare in original carrier

I’ve read that you can fit a 215/75r15 in the spare tyre carrier if partially deflated. I’ve tried without success, has anyone managed it?

I have one in there. Partially deflated but importantly I had some rewelding done for a bit more room at the sides. Peter.

So it doesn’t fit without mods?

I run stock rims with (commercial road) tires normally but fit 215/75R15’s when off road. I can fit a spare on a Mercedes rim in there. I fully deflate the tire to fit it in. I usually pull the valve out and put the tire in the sun for an hour or so before fitting the valve back in. No mods to the van or tray. It’s a little tight between the chassis rails and (just) touches the steering rod.
I carry two spares when venturing away, so this my spare, spare and I carry a compressor.

Thanks, how does it go for clearing the coolant hoses?

Ive heard this system is the go for that sized spare. Cheap and easy to fit.

I have 235 x 75 x 15 tyres and they wont fit in these either.

They do also reduce your approach angle slightly…

I think making room height wise is not a big drama, it’s the width between the chassis rails that is harder to fit. My 215/75R15’s when flat just push’s in (new tire with full tread)

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Mine barely touches the coolant hoses, so no issues there. It’s a bit hard to get a photo in there once the tire is in unfortunately.