15 x 6 Syncro Wheels (SOLD)

These are modified genuine syncro wheels to 15" x 6" ET30.
There are no clearance problems and suit standard wheel nuts and hubcaps.
Not suitable for big brake conversions.
Tyres are BFGoodrich 215/75x15. Tyres have nearly full tread and are old but have been kept out of sunlight and are still soft.

Set of 5 $750. Make an offer.

Pick up Southern Highlands or can arrange delivery to Sydney, Canberra, South Coast for extra cost.
Pay by Paypal, bank transfer or cash.


Hi Phil, how were the 14inch wheels modified and who does that? I’m running 14’s now and want to keep the hubcaps on my wheels. But I’m still interested in going to 15inch for tyre selection more than anything else. Is it expensive to get them modified to 15inch?And do you have to regear when going to the larger wheels? I have six so I can have that extra spare on the Western Australian bush roads. Cheers, Harold

Wheels were modified by a wheel manufacturer in Sydney that has now retired. I think it is very hard to get the deep hump bands that are required nowadays to convert from 14" to 15". The cost would probably be around $200 per wheel if you can get it done.

Gearing is not much different. I think I worked it out at 3%.