15x7 VW T3 Transporter / Syncro Wheels for sale

15x7 VW T3 Transporter / Syncro Wheels for sale.
Wheel Specifications
15x7 Matt Black Daytona style
Offset 28
PCD 5/112
CB 68mm
Radiused/Ball seat M14
Load rating 1000kg.

Set of 4 = $970.00 (excluding freight)
Set of 5 = $1187.50 (excluding freight)

Enquiries - Matt Mobile 0412 909 999 email [mattpatrick@optusnet.com.au]
Location Coffs Harbour.

Good offset for a syncro but shame they aren’t 16"

Hi Matt, great looking Syncro, and a nice set of rims. What brand are they? (just curious)
Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard, thanks for the positive feedback. It has taken some time to get to the present stage of refurbishment, just a new complete headlining to go then all inside elements complete. In relation to the rims, I was lucky enough through association, to get a major Chinese vehicle rim manufacturer supplying worldwide, including Oz to produce a relatively small quantity. Manufacturers identity I would prefer not to mention for the sake of others. Cheers Matt.

No worries Matt, understand. Nice looking wheels. Would be nice to get the head lining done. There’s always something to do, but fun to own.