16” wheels 5x112 31 offset

Can anyone let me know if they have a 16” 5x112 wheel offset 31 preferably I only need one. I’m using it as a spare can I get away with a different offset to my knowledge you can go up to 35 any help appreciated Preformatted text

I have a set of Tiguan 16 if your interested

Hi Chris,

The wheel should fit fine - but it depends on the tyre size.

I wouldn’t go wider than 215mm with a 70mm profile limit to be sure you have decent clearance.

I know of a few that run that size with that off-set and have no issues.

Hi Colin,

Stick up some photos and a price and someone might want them.



$150 for four tyres need replacing

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I will take them where are you located ? Have you the spare ?

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Duranbah NSW, no spare in that style will have a spare in the 7 spoke type same offset