16" wheels & tyres

Set of 5 rims with 4 tyres.
Tiguan 16x6 5x112.
Centre bore enlarged.
215x70x16 Maxtrek SU800.
$650 + post

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New price. $550. + delivery.

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For sale again.
Full set of 5 rims and tyres.

Good Morning Neil
Do you still have the wheels? Where are you?
Cheers Rob

Hi Rob,
Welcome to the group.
Tell us about your Syncro.

Mines a 1990 Trakka awesome little machine no real mods yet looking to lift it hence looking for bigger wheels

As well as wheels, I lifted mine 50mm with GoWesty springs.

Hi Rob,
If these wheels are already sold - keep an eye on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace as these Tiguan wheels often come up for sale in various forms.

The last lot I saw dont seem to be available any longer.

Hope you find some.


Rob I have a set (6) of these (pictured) Tiguan rims you can have (free) as I have changed my thoughts on them I’m located at Duranbah NsW

Cheers Colin that’s very generous would you post them I will happily pay to Vermont Sth 3133? Cheers Rob

Rob will look into it however some rims have tyres that should be removed as their not roadworthy
Hope you’re not in a rush. Also centre bore will need doing

Rob haven’t forgotten about these rims just been busy, will have tyre removed this week hopefully

All good Colin when you can is fine

Rob will be coming to Melbourne on the 14/4 15/4 are you still interested in the Tiguan wheels *6