1989 Volkswagen Transporter DL T3 Manual Syncro

Selling our 1989 Volkswagen Transporter DL T3 Manual Syncro for details please find link on carsales below


Nice syncro you have there Fiona.

That should easily sell - its top shelf.

Why are you selling by the way?

Hi Scott, yeah just needing a bit more room. Regretful sale, but sure someone will continue to enjoy the syncro adventure.

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Hi Fiona, may I ask who the reputable volkswagen specialist you used for the engine rebuild was? I have an 89 Syncro here in Perth and knowing where to get mechanical assistance or advice is always a good thing. Cheers, Harold

Hi Harold, the rebuild was done by Grant Kometer Engineering in Orange Grove. We have also used South St Auto Repairs in Fremantle, but have always been on the hunt for someone who knows these engines from experience. Rare as hens teeth in WA.