1990 Syncro Kombi Camper for sale

For Sale

My VW Kombi 4x4 powered by Subaru EJ2.2 petrol engine.

This is an all wheel drive vehicle with one low ratio forward gear, making a 5 speed gearbox.

The vehicle features the following improvements

Recaro seats

RS Fab gear stick shifter

Stainless Steel 2 x 57 ltr water tanks and electric pump

Camper interior with R & R bed 3/4 width


All side windows open. All windows tinted

Big brake upgrade front ( Audi Quatro Brakes, 25mm Ventilated rotor), rear - T4 VW rear disc brakes

BMW E3 Vacuum booster

A Subaru EJ2.2 Single overhead cam EFI engine is installed

The engine has been fitted with a SmallCar deep oil sump.

Modified cross-over heater manifold.

Subaru power steering pump rebuilt early 2019.

Subaru air conditioning compressor re furbished 2018.

Engine cooling – a new radiator has been installed.

Hydraulic suction type hoses are installed to connect the engine to the radiator.

A modified air cleaner setup has been installed utilising the left side air duct and a large cylinder type air filter.


Transaxle in the Syncro was originally an AVH model. The Ratio’s as fitted from VW were:

G 1st 2nd 3rd 4th R diff

6.03 3.78 1.88 1.23 0.85 6.03 5.43

The transaxle now features the following modified gear ratios.

G 1st 2nd 3rd 4th R diff

6.03 3.78 1.88 1.18 0.77 6.03 5.43

The following parts have been replaced in the transaxle.

The main bearing in the gear carrier was replaced & modified with a retaining steel backing plate to prevent the bearing from moving.

One new 0.77 4th gear set

One new 1.18 3rd gear set

Weddle new Aluminium gear carrier housing Syncro

VW 1.88 Main shaft (GC used)

VW 1.88 new idler gear

Torque Biasing Differential (TBA) Peloquins type. https://peloquins.com

for VW 094 Transaxle complete with Locking mechanism and actuator.

differential case complete with diff locking port (used) GC

Bearings various

synchro cones x 2

Bellhousing – standard bellhousing replaced with a SmallCar Bellhousing, with a VW Golf clutch actuator, includes replacing the VW flywheel with an original Subaru 2.2 flywheel. Plus, replacing the original VW starter motor with the standard Subaru starter motor. A new complete Clutch was installed at the same time

Perloquin locking diff. Electric transmission oil pump, filters and cooler.

Decoupler from AA transaxle

Diesel heater

Steel bull-bar

16" steel Mefro wheels

GoWesty 50mm lift springs

BMS alloy control arms (front suspension)

Trailing arms re-bushed neoprene

Pioneer sound system with sub -woofer

ABS door cards

Vintage Air A/C with twin condensers

Fox wing awning 275 degree, 2 mtr wide

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank was removed, cleaned inside and out.

All fuel rubber hoses inside the tank and external of the tank were renewed.

One new anti-spill valve was installed.

Body – exterior

The vehicle has been repainted, with a complete windows and doors off. All fixtures removed. Dash removed.

All body surfaces prepared for paint.

All doors stripped and prepared.

All body panel seams cleaned; seam filler removed. Panel seam injected with SW2 rust proofing.

2x coats Wattle Super etch primer (black)

Seams filled with seam filler.

More undercoat

Followed with CarMaster 2 pack DG colour topcoats.

Interior panels behind camper cupboards in 4mm 4 plywood

Camper cupboards made from 15mm Light weight 5 plywood.

Cupboard latches, hinges and stays from UK camper supplies.

All cupboards finished in clear 2 pack with multiple coats.

A 5-kW diesel heater is installed. Fuel tank for this heater is located at the rear swing out carrier.

Pop-top roof has been installed. This roof was fully refurbished after being removed from a donor vehicle. Fitted with new canvas apron, lift springs and 2x new air struts

A small trailer is also available, which is a fully enclosed unit with a hard lift up lid. $2500

High lift Jack included and other spares and parts. Vehicle reg till 11/2020. Rworth cert ok

Peter 0498 382 602

Price - $45,850.00
Listed on Gumtree and Carsales - with a whole bunch of photos

This is a really nice vehicle and well set up but unless the buyer is in QLD other state legislation means great difficulty getting this highly modified vehicle complianced.

A way around this is to put it on historic rego and as lets be honest - they are not used much this would work well.

In NSW you get 60 days of driving (unlimited kms) plus trips to get mechanical works done and VW shows all for the tiny sum of $46 per year including the greenslip. Total bargain and you only need a hand written pink slip to get it - almost any mechanic can do this. No difficult blue slip required.




This would be a modified vehicle registration, not historic vehicle and you still have to get the same blue slip as normal registration including engineering as it is interstate.


Yes it is modified but you can still do conditional registration through ANSMA and they only require a pink slip to say its roadworthy.

Basically its the same.

I have my syncro on NSW historic rego. Its wonderful!

But yours was already registered. This one is unregistered in NSW. Although I can’t really see a problem.

That didnt bother them at all.

I have a lowered bay kombi which came from Victoria with no rego for the last 25 years and it just required a pink slip.

No blue slip is required.

I thought this forum was defunct.
The syncro in question is mine.
The question of registration in NSW, I have spoken with a certifying engineer in ballina. I supplied him with a full spec sheet and photos. His response was he saw no issues with getting the syncro certified, ready for rego in NSW.
His fee, approx $2,500
Happy to supply this chaps details.
Peter Bellamy
Bli Bli Queensland
0498 382 602

People I know have been getting blue slips. Yours shouldn’t be on historic anyway if it has a Subaru engine.


They must be going through a different club as my club has never asked for a blue slip on anyone’s vehicles I know that are on historic.

Almost all vehicles on it are modified in some way - especially campers (unless they are Westfalias) - its up to the club to decide which is required - historic or conditional.

My club is the biggest car club for historic rego in NSW.