1992 Syncro Trakka

New page to track my Trakka restoration


Picked up in November 22 from Ray in Port Macquarie.
Work so far:

  • Coil
  • Oxygen sensor
  • LED headlights

Next a suspension renewal:

  • CV’s
  • Bearings
  • Bushes
  • OME Shocks
  • New front springs
  • Prop shaft service

Its a fantastic looking syncro camper and your list of repairs required seems very common on these old beasts

Looking forward to getting out and about once we get rid of a few vibrations and clunks

Hello Trakka pop top members.
I am hoping someone can assist me.
I have rusty gutters which need to be repaired but I will need to raise the fibreglass roof to access the steel roof to repair.
Does anyone have or know where to access some instructions on raising the roof.
I will look at fixing some loose stabiliser bars while the roof is raised.
The discussion above is most helpful on that issue.

Hi Grant,
Not a TRAKKA poptop, but Peter Coe had corrosion in his steel roof so engaged a specialist Port Macquarie business to remove the poptop to access and deal successfully with the issue. Not cheap apparently but tradesman did a quality job.
Goto: Pop Top Refurbishment - RUST

I’m not sure about Trakkas (as I dont have one), yet I know mine has been mechanically fixed front and rear yet the sides, front and rear have also been glued with automotive grade Sika adhesive and sealed along the edges.

Thats a lot of bond holding down and will take some work to cut free.

I saw one (a Trakka) with the roof removed getting wrecked so they can come off.

Thanks guys
I can see there are rivets from inside behind the roof lining so it sounds like remove some rivets and see how it goes from there.
Do it once properly seems like the go.

The was a post on the old Kombi forum that documented removing the entire Trakka roof but unfortunately that site no longer exists. From memory they fed a length of piano wire through each side and worked around to remove the glue seal. Good luck and please report back.

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Thanks Jon, most of the glue seems to have perished so that shouldn’t be too hard.

As Ken said. I had mine removed and refurbished. Rust everywhere on front left side above passenger window. Gutters had to be remade. The top was held on by lots of strong rivets that you can see when you remove the liner. It was a very expensive process but it all now looks great and doesn’t leak a drop. Peter