2.1 MV motor engine cases

Selling a pair of engine cases from my 2.1L taken out at 220k.

All surfaces are good, all head cylinder bolts as well.
The bad thing is there’s a hairline crack in the left hand case, under the AC pump mount, and corner of water pump housing.
Could be easily ally welded while it’s out and naked, I didn’t do it then swapped for Subaru.

Make me an offer and pay for shipping - hopefully it can be of use to some one.
RH case is as good as gold.

Thank you for your response. As for the parts if you replaced the original engine being the 2.1 ltr Digifant would the complete engine be for sale? If not and the cases only are for sale I am still interested but have no knowledge of damaged price and extent of repairable damage.
My enquiries to date to overseas suppliers (eg Parts Place Inc in Michigan ) price long blocks at $3700?

Hi Col,

the motor has been taken completely apart and I’ve sold a number of parts already, however I believe most of the short block is still there, so it’s down to what you need I guess.
From memory, I still have:

  • crankcase
  • crankshaft with conrods (didn’t disturb as big ends are good and the conrod stretch bolts are impossible to find short of getting a new set of conrods)
  • camshaft
  • 4 pistons + gudgeon pins
  • 4 cylinder jackets
  • all engine bolts
  • injection system (throttle body, intake pipes, injectors and hoses - complete assembly)
  • 2 AMC cylinder heads(see ad)
  • oil pump
  • water pump with its pulley
  • most metal coolant pipes
  • most brackets for ancillaries to engine
  • dipstick + tube

Probably also have a bunch more bits and pieces, but definitely the above.
Happy to discuss price as a package for whatever you need, just let me know. If you prefer talking it through I’m on 0426 813 466 and will be there will all the parts on Friday.